NCMP Coach Mentors

National Coach Mentorship Program

The National Coach Mentorship Program (NCMP) was created by Hockey Canada in response to recommendations made at the Molson Open Ice Summit held in 1999 in Toronto. The NCMP is a determined effort to improve our national game at all levels. It was felt that there was a need to support coaches across Canada and to provide a program that would assist them in making the game both educational and enjoyable for our young players. Incoming Hockey Canada President Sheldon Lanchbery made the N.C.M.P. a priority and the program was launched for the 2000-2001 season. Delegates from all provinces, including six from Manitoba, attended a seminar in Orangeville, Ontario aimed at training mentors and creating a national curriculum for the N.C.M.P. Hockey Manitoba ran initially pilot projects and over the last two years has trained close to twenty mentors who are in the field helping coaches at all levels. The ultimate goal is to provide guidance to all coaches who request assistance.

How does the N.C.M.P. work in Manitoba? Each region has mentors who are available to help coaches at all levels of the game. Any person wanting advice or new ideas can contact their regional director or Hockey Manitoba directly 204-925-5755 and request information. Each mentor coach has a kit, which includes a variety of videos, books, drill manuals, etc., that are excellent tools to elevate a coach’s knowledge of both the technical and tactical components of the game. As well, suggestions can be made to help with the “art” of coaching in the fields of teaching, organizing and communicating. All resources are available on a free loan basis. People wishing to participate will determine what aspect of their coaching that they would like to improve and the mentor will facilitate a program to aid them. The concept is simple, it is “coaches helping coaches” where a mentor with experience and expertise can guide and encourage a less experienced coach. The N.C.M.P. is a support system that acts as a helping hand to those who want it. It is not compulsory; there are no clinics and no evaluations.

Here is a list of NCMP Mentors available in Winnipeg:

  • Neil Chow – Winnipeg –
  • Mark Romas – Winnipeg –
  • Bruce Schmidt – Winnipeg –
  • Bob Thomson – Winnipeg –
  • Billy Keane – Winnipeg –
  • Peter Woods – Winnipeg –
  • Bernie Reichardt – Winnipeg –
  • Royce Manary – Winnipeg –
  • Jill Mathez – Winnipeg –
  • William (Bill) Brenton – Winnipeg –
  • Jim Stevenson -Winnipeg –
  • Ken Rusak – Winnipeg – 204-661-6874
  • Steve Medwick – Winnipeg
  • Gord Woodhall – Winnipeg –