Using Affiliated Players (Call-Ups)

If you want to use an affiliated player in a game, then you must conform to the requirements of Section G on pages 51-56 of the Hockey Winnipeg Rules and Regulations 2016-2017 handbook.

This INCLUDES contacting your Division Director / Suspension Director.

Players may be affiliated to a higher category of the same age division or to an equal or higher category of the age division higher.

  • 10A2 may affiliate to 10A1, 11A2, or 11A1
  • 10A2 may NOT affiliate to 11A3
  • 11A3 may affiliate to 11A2, 11A1, 12A2, 12A2, or 12A1

You must mark TP on the gamesheet beside the affiliated player.

An affiliated player may only be used to take the place of another registered player on the the team who is injured, sick, or has left the team after the final registration date, or for any other reason is unable to play in a game.

There are limits to the number of affiliated player that may be used at one time as well as the number of times a particular player may affiliate during the first half and second half of the regular season.

Special rules apply in order to affiliate a player during Hockey Winnipeg playoffs.

Special rules apply when affiliating a goaltender.

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updated: Nov 1, 2016