Evaluation times for Bantam and Midget available now for the first two times for each group. Once the second evaluation time is complete, groups will be re-assigned and posted here. Lists will be updated on a regular basis to add any players released by AA etc.
Please forward any questions or concerns to Jim Collins, Direct Entry Chair, by email to .

Remember to regularly check groups and times on the website. The website is updated frequently during the evaluation month as information is received from the age conveners.

Remember to check-in at the table outside the dressing room entrance for each evaluation skate.
Requests for specific dates or times will not be accepted.

8 ………..Groups & Times Sept 9, 10, 11,13, 16 ** NEW **
9 ………..Groups & Times Sept 9, 10, 16 ** UPDATED **
10 ………. Groups & Times Sept 9, 10, 16 ** UPDATED **
13,14 …….Groups & Times Sept 21,22,24 ** NEW **
15,16 …….Groups & Times Sept 27, 30 ** NEW **

Updated: September 12, 2017


There are a limited amount of positions available for the upcoming season. There is now a waiting list of about 15 people plus the returning timekeepers from last year. Please contact Gerald Gauvin @ 204-471-5396 or
You will need permission to attend a clinic. If you take a clinic without permission you will not be accepted.

Posted: September 11, 2017

Free Hitting Clinic: For 2004 born players only

SBMHA and Hockey Manitoba are providing a free 1 hour clinic on body checking. There are a limited amount of 25 spots per time-slot and these are available on a first come first serve basis. Unfilled spots will be made available to the 2003’s a few days before the clinic.
Times and location:

  1. Group 1, Sept 16 at 11:45am – Maginot.(25 spots)
  2. Group 2, Sept 16 at 1:00pm – Maginot. (25 spots)

Send an email to to reserve your spot

Posted: September 8, 2017

SBMHA Tentative Tryout Schedule

Novice A
(old 8A1)
Born 2008
Minor Atom
Born 2007
Sat Sept 9 am afternoon pm
Sun Sept 10 am afternoon pm
Sat Sept 16 am am & pm am
Sun Sept 17 afternoon
Fri Sept 22 pm
Sat Sept 23 am afternoon
Sun Sept 24 afternoon am
Minor Peewee ( 2006 ) will start Sept 18th
Peewee ( 2005 ) will start Sept 20th
Bantam ( 2003 & 2004 ) will start on Sept 21st
Midget ( 2002 ,2001 ,2000 ) will start Sept 27th

Exact times and groupings will be posted after registration closes

Hockey Manitoba Novice changes

Beginning in the 2017-2018 season, players in the Novice age category (7-8 yrs) will play on a modified ice surface – slightly over half the size of a normal hockey rink – until December 31st each season. Games after December 31st within each hockey season may be played on full-ice. SBMHA will be implementing this directive starting in the 2017-18 season.

This new format continues age appropriate modifications into the Novice Program with the Long Term Player Development model and philosophy as the fundamental basis for change. Players at the Novice level require a continued focus on physical literacy while also beginning to develop some of the more advanced individual skills inherent in the game. By moving from cross-ice at Initiation to half-ice at Novice, we increase the size of the ice surface in accordance with the increase in the size of player. This modified ice will continue to provide players with an environment that is more inclusive, competitive and conducive to skill development through puck touches and puck control, shots, passes completed, transitions, decision making, puck support, overall involvement…and FUN! In addition, with the creation of the new Development Zone, kids will have up to 40% more ice time during games!

Novice Half-ice Demo Video

Additional information on the changes can be found on the Hockey Manitoba website.

posted: April 19, 2017

2015-16 Initiation Program changes

Hockey Manitoba has passed the following changes for the Initiation Program. SBMHA will be adopting the changes starting with the 2015-16 season.

While many other sport organizations have modified their games to focus on ensuring that all young players are having fun and developing basic skills, hockey is one of the last sports to follow suit. It is important for the Long Term Athlete Development Framework that our sport joins the motion of developing fundamental skills and physical literacy before gearing towards competition. Though competition is neither good nor bad, it is important for the players to learn athleticism and sportsmanship before being rushed beyond their maturation and skill set. In an effort to embrace these concepts Hockey Manitoba has moved forward with the following motion applicable to the Initiation Program for the 2015-16 season.

All games and practices at the initiation level shall use modified ice surfaces consisting of cross-ice sections as of the 2015-16 season.

Long term player development research shows us that reducing the size of the playing surface offers more opportunity for skill development and greater participation from all players. More decisions, quicker reactions, finding open space, reading pressure, offensive/defensive body position, puck pressure, containment, etc… all of which equals an improved hockey sense. More puck touches, more passes, more shots, and more fun…all of which helps with player retention.


Further information is available on the Hockey Manitoba website:


posted: July 28, 2015

The Drill Book for Coaches is a free coaching and player development platform that delivers cutting edge on-ice programming, coaching assistance, and practice planning tools. Coaches registered within Winnipeg Minor Hockey will have the opportunity to utilize the resources available through during the 2014-15 season.

“This partnership is a great opportunity for our volunteer coaches throughout Winnipeg. We want to provide our coaches high quality resources and information to assist them in the growth and development of our great game,” says Monte Miller, Executive Director of Hockey Winnipeg.

The platform will custom load information, practice plans and videos based on the age level of team/players. The software is state of the art technology and the delivery system allows coaches to access a wealth of information and knowledge and share this information with their players and parents quickly and easily. Coaches also can build practices in video, and manage all aspects of their team activities.

To access the free resources, coaches can go to or under Coach Resources on this website.


posted: Nov 12. 2014

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